It’s important to be prepared when you are going on a foray. Make sure you follow this checklist and bring each item. Your experience will be that much better!

  • Basket

    Or any other suitable container for your finds. Plastic bags don’t work. A mesh sack will work.

  • Wax paper or wax bags

    To keep your mushrooms separate, particularly different types. Putting your mushrooms in plastic bags will cause them to spoil rapidly.

  • Knife

    A sturdy knife with a lanyard or string to attach to your person. It’s uncanny how knives get lost.

  • Brush

    A soft brush like a small paint brush to clean dirt and insects off of your finds.

  • Sturdy Boots

    Bring some sturdy boots and anything else you would normally take with you for a half-day hike

  • Water

    We are moving a lot, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

  • Trowel

    A small trowel or scoop is useful when retrieving complete specimens.

  • Magnifying Glass

    Useful for examining gills and other features of your finds.

  • Whistle

    Useful for keeping in touch with other members of the foray group.

  • Compass

    Carry one and know how to use it. It is very easy to get lost when you are concentrating on finding mushrooms and not watching your surroundings.

  • First Aid

    Bring any medications or first-aid that you need on your hike!

  • Mushroom Key

    Take along a reliable mushroom key (reference) and learn how to use it. One popular reference with identification key is David Arora’s Mushrooms Demystified (Ten Speed Press: Berkeley. 1979) [LINK]