The Colorado Mycological Society is a non-profit organization established in 1967 to
advance the understanding of, and to stimulate interest in, the field of mycology.

Photo Contest and Silent Auction

When: Monday, September 12, 7 pm (auction) 7:30 - photo contest

Where: Gates Hall in the main building at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The September meeting will feature the Photo Contest submissions.
Members are asked to bring their mobile devices and participate in the photo voting.
In addition to the photo contest, a silent auction will be held. Items to be bid on will be the original artwork of Tom Taggart, CMS member who recently passed away.
The meeting will start promptly at 7pm with silent auction bidding until 7:30.
Depending on the number of photos presented, there will be another 15 minutes after photo winner announcements for additional item bidding. The last 15 minutes will be devoted to announcing the silent auction winners and collecting monies for the items. Cash is preferred payment option for ease of transactions. Credit cards will be accepted as well.


Email your entries BY MIDNIGHT AUGUST 31 (as attachments) to:

You must be a member of CMS to enter the contest. All entries must clearly be related to mycology in some way.

There are three categories (you can enter 3 in each - indicate the category on each photo):

1. Artistic photographs will be judged based on their artistic merit. That means that focus is not critical, and you may manipulate the image as you see fit. Colors need not be realistic.

2. Documentary photographs will be judged based on their accurate depiction of a collection or feature of some mushrooms. Focus is important, and lighting and colors need to accurately reflect the collection. Obvious manipulation of an image is not desirable in the category.

3. Anything Goes photographs have no criteria for judging other than what each judge chooses.

Remembering that the projector we use is limited to an image size of 1920 x 1080, your image should not be larger than that. If your original image is larger than that, you should create a smaller version that will fit within that size so that your image will look as good as possible.

Judging will be the same as last year. That is to say, members attending the September meeting will be judges, based on their ability to get to an Internet survey website using the wireless Internet connection provided by the Denver Botanic Gardens. Smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers are recommended ways of making that connection. If you'd like to be a judge, arrange to have one of those things with you at the September meeting. Even if you have entries in the contest you may vote.



Although CMS meetings are open to the public, non-CMS members may now be required to pay the Denver Botanic Gardens entrance fee (adults, $12.50). Tell the gatekeeper you are going to a meeting. Current CMS members will not need to pay to enter the Gardens (In the future, you may possibly be asked to show your CMS membership card or say that you're a current member of CMS when entering the Gardens for a CMS meeting).

Next foray:

Full Schedule Keep your eye here and on the schedule. Always check the day before the foray.

PHOTO CONTEST 2015 RESULTS - click on photos for higher resolution file. Click back button to return to this page.

First Prize - Wendy Dinkins
  First Prize - Greg Sanchez

First Prize - Vicki Saxe

artistic first   documentary first   anything goes first
Second Prize - Ran Tao
  Second Prize - Bruce Tohill
  Second Prize - Greg Sanchez
artistic second   documentary second   anything goes second
Third Prize - Desiree Hinz
  Third Prize - Bruce Tohill
  Third Prize - Fred Fisher
artistic third   documentary third   anything goes third



CMS Meetings:

  • Meetings are held on the second Monday night of each month, from March through October, at 7:30 PM. The doors open at 7:00. This year we are back at the Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street (Map). The meetings are in Mitchell Hall.

  • CMS meetings provide an informal opportunity to socialize and exchange information with others interested in mycology.

  • Each meeting features a lecture and/or slide presentation on mycology or a related subject.

  • Speakers include nationally known mycologists, outside specialists and knowledgeable members

  • Visitors & members are encouraged to bring the mushrooms they find to the meetings.

  • Knowledgeable members will be happy to help you identify the mushrooms you have found.

A Call for Volunteers for CMS — The Colorado Mycological Society depends on volunteers from the membership to deliver its services to the general membership. Many, if not most, of the volunteer positions do not require extensive knowledge of mycology. What they do require is enthusiasm and a willingness to devote a few hours each month to the position.

Although most of the committees currently have chairpersons assigned to them, there are still a few that require a chairperson. If you would like to volunteer for one of these "open" committee positions, contact Karen Ryan by phone at 303-355-5966 or by email).

If you would like to serve on a committee that is currently chaired or obtain more information about the activities of the committee, contact the chairperson directly.